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We want this to be a family event and encourage people to make a day of it by joining in the "village fete" and bringing a picnic. So even if you aren't entering a raft, you can enjoy watching everyone else get wet whilst tucking in to....?

The Picnic...

We have a few pics of previous Raft Races

but we’d like more...

Bring the Family....

Picture the Portishead Lake Grounds for your picnic...

Come alomg on race day with your picnic and enjoy the fun. There will be plenty of other things going on to keep you entertained, such as:

  • The Village Fete

  • Live Bands

  • Trampolines & Inflatables

  • Side stalls




Edible Boat Regatta!

The Raft Race is a fun packed family event and the whole community looks forward to it. It is also a great opportunity for local charities and community groups to promote themselves and raise funds for their respective causes.


Taking part is easy as one, two and three:

One: Come up with a distinctive and entertaining idea for children and their parents

Two: Have fun, crazy and silly prizes (or even good ones, if you want)

Three: Enjoy and raise money for your organisation!


We don’t charge community groups for stalls – all we ask in return is a small donation at your discretion and for you to tell us how much you have raised on the day so we can say how charities have benefited from the event.  


If you are interested and would like to discuss any ideas for your stall, or want to enter a raft in the race, please click on "contact us" tab and select "I would like a stall at the fete"   option.


Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

The Fete.....